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Cadillac Car Rental in Dubai

Rent Cadillac escalade 2022 Dubai

Cadillac escalade 2022

  • Perday / 1400 AED
  • Wk / 8400 AED
  • Month / 30000 AED
    • Deposit : AED 2500
    • Insurance Included

Rent Cadillac in Dubai- Luxe Car Rentals

Exploring Dubai in Style

Looking to rent a luxurious Cadillac in Dubai? Look no further than Luxe Car Rentals. We offer an extensive fleet of premium vehicles, including the iconic Cadillac models, to cater to your sophisticated taste and enhance your driving experience in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Dubai is a city of opulence and grandeur, where every experience is elevated to new heights. Renting a Cadillac from Luxe Car Rentals allows you to explore the city in style and comfort.

The Cadillac Escalade, with its commanding presence and luxurious interior, is perfect for traversing the city’s streets with confidence. Its spacious cabin accommodates both passengers and luggage, making it an ideal choice for families or groups traveling together.

Cadillac escalade 2022 08

Choose Luxe to Rent Cadillac in Dubai

At Luxe Car Rentals, we understand that renting a Cadillac is not just about transportation; it’s about indulging in the luxury and elegance that the brand represents. That’s why we take pride in providing top-notch Cadillac rental services, ensuring that you have a memorable journey throughout your stay in Dubai.

When you rent a Cadillac in Dubai with Luxe Car Rentals, you can expect nothing but excellence. Our fleet includes the latest Cadillac models, featuring the epitome of style, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re looking to rent a Cadillac Escalade, Cadillac CT6, or any other Cadillac variant, we have the perfect car to suit your preferences and elevate your driving experience.

Price and Offers

At Luxe Car Rentals, we believe in offering competitive prices without compromising on quality. We understand that our clients value both affordability and luxury, which is why we strive to provide the best possible rates for Cadillac rentals in Dubai. Our pricing is transparent and tailored to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.
In addition to our competitive prices, we frequently offer special promotions and discounts on Cadillac rentals. Be sure to check our website or contact our customer service team to find out about our latest offers. We want to make your dream of driving a Cadillac in Dubai a reality, and our pricing and offers reflect that commitment.

Rent Cadillac escalade 2022 Dubai

Exceptional Customer Service

At Luxe Car Rentals, we understand that renting a Cadillac in Dubai is not just about the vehicle; it’s about the overall experience. That’s why we prioritize exceptional customer service at every step of your journey with us. Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect Cadillac model, answering any questions you may have, and ensuring that your rental process is seamless and stress-free.


Rent Cadillac in Dubai is a decision that promises to enhance your stay in this extraordinary city. Luxe Car Rentals is committed to making that experience unforgettable. With our exceptional fleet of Cadillac models, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service, we are your trusted partner for renting a Cadillac in Dubai.
Indulge in the luxury and sophistication that Cadillac represents. Contact Luxe Car Rentals today to reserve your Cadillac and embark on a journey of elegance and style through the vibrant streets of Dubai. Trust us to provide you with a seamless and extraordinary rental experience that will exceed your expectations.

FAQ for Rent Cardillac in Dubai

To rent Cadillac in Dubai from Luxe Car Rentals, you must be at least 21 years old. However, please note that the minimum age requirement may vary depending on the specific Cadillac model and rental package you choose. Additionally, a valid driver’s license from your home country or an International Driving Permit (IDP) is required.

To rent a Cadillac in Dubai, you will need the following documents:

– A valid driver’s license from your home country or an International Driving Permit (IDP).

– A valid passport or national ID card for identification purposes.

– A valid credit card in the name of the main driver for the rental payment and security deposit.

It’s always recommended to check the specific requirements with Luxe Car Rentals before making your reservation to ensure you have all the necessary documents.

When you rent a Cadillac from Luxe Car Rentals in Dubai, the rental price typically includes:

– Comprehensive insurance coverage for the rented vehicle.

– 24/7 roadside assistance for any unforeseen incidents or breakdowns.

– Unlimited mileage, allowing you to explore Dubai and its surroundings without restrictions.

– Standard maintenance and regular servicing of the vehicle.

It’s important to review the rental agreement and confirm the inclusions and exclusions with Luxe Car Rentals to have a clear understanding of what is covered in the rental price.

Luxe Car Rentals offers flexible rental options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require a Cadillac for a day, a week, or even an extended period, you can choose the rental duration that suits you best. With a diverse fleet of Cadillac models, you can enjoy a luxurious experience for any duration of your stay in Dubai.

While Luxe Car Rentals strives to provide transparent pricing, there may be additional fees or charges that you should be aware of. These may include:
– Fuel charges: You are responsible for returning the rental Cadillac with the same fuel level as when you received it. If the fuel level is lower, you may be charged for refueling.

– Traffic fines and toll fees: Any traffic fines or toll fees incurred during the rental period are the responsibility of the renter.

– Additional drivers: If you plan to have additional drivers, there may be an additional fee per driver.

It’s recommended to inquire about any potential additional fees or charges with Luxe Car Rentals before confirming your reservation, so you have a comprehensive understanding of the total cost of your Cadillac rental in Dubai.