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How to rent a car in Dubai
How to rent a car in Dubai – Best Guide

How to rent a car in Dubai

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, then it is essential that you know about renting a car in Dubai. The city has become very popular with people from around the globe who visit it for vacations. To rent a vehicle for your transportation in Dubai, it is important to ensure that you take all necessary steps because if any of them go wrong, then it can ruin your entire trip.

However, if you follow these tips while hiring a car, then you will enjoy your trip as well as make sure that you are fully licensed before leaving home. 

To rent a car in Dubai, you need to know some basic tips to travel with a rental vehicle in the UAE. Make sure that you have the proper paperwork and a valid permit for hiring a car in advance. Here are the important things that are required before renting a car in Dubai are as follows, 

Age eligibility

You must be 21+ to hire a car in Dubai, UAE.


According to law, third-party coverage is included for all car rentals in Dubai. Most of the rental agencies will provide additional insurance policies for a fee but some of the insurance policies for travel cover car rentals. So check whether you have the right insurance with you.

Credit card

In Dubai, most car rental agencies will require you to pay the bill through a credit card which can be automatically used if fees or fines, or extra charges are incurred. Some rental companies accept Debit cards, Cash Deposit payments, or Cash payments. Book your car from Luxe Car Rentals and know detailed information regarding the payment option to rent a car in Dubai.

International Driving Permit(IDP)

The visitors to UAE should have a valid IDP, driving passport, and license. Passport holders of the GCC countries like Canada, the UK, the US, Europe, and some other countries can drive in Dubai with their home country’s driving license, with no need to have an IDP.

The rules may vary so it’s always better to check with your rental agency to confirm whether your own country’s license will be applicable or need to submit an IDP earlier. If you are a resident of the Emirates, you should have a driving license and your UAE ID card to travel in and around the city to rent a car in Dubai

Driving outside the Emirates– If you plan to travel to the neighboring country of UAE, Your rental company will ask you for extra paperwork to make this, However, most of the rental agencies do not allow it. So make a prior plan about your journey including the routes and locations that you are going to visit.

Various car rental choices to consider

In Dubai, there are numerous car rental firms available where you select your rental car based on your comfort and budget. Make some research comparing various rental companies before you commit. You can book your car from any of the locations around the city like Dubai airport, offices, restaurants, and more. 

Most of the rental firms will have several ranges of vehicles to pick from. You can select from economical to luxury cars which can be right for your travel needs. The huge fleet of rental cars like Range Rover, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan Patrol, Defender, Lamborghini, and more. We, Luxe Car Rental Dubai offer you the best travel experience in Dubai with our rental cars which makes you a memorable ride with complete satisfaction.

If you want to benefit from an amazing drive across Dubai, then you need to know the basics. With these tips and information, traveling with a rental car will be a pleasure. If you are having any difficulty, you can always visit the Luxe car Rental Dubai website for the basic details and coupon codes offered by them in Dubai.

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